At 740, our biggest asset is our people, and those people boast a diverse background that allows us to be successful in many different types of projects. Since incorporation, we have remained an organization of people that pull together to reach common goals, and treat each other with respect and teamwork. Across the company you will find genuine people with a common belief of working together to build something we are all proud of.


Senior Management Team

Burcin Erkan
Managing Director & Program Manager

Architect with 20+ years of experience in OBO, RPSO, USACE, USAID, SOCCENT, U.S Air Force, U.S. Navy, CDC, and UN projects as Program Manager including implementing, executing, supervising and coordinating the overall Program Management functions. He established regional headquarter offices for USG projects in Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Botswana, Congo, Hong Kong and Czech Republic. He has obtained trade licenses, located and established offices, setup of all communication systems, bank accounts, and all day‐to‐day operations.

Berkay Sesen
Managing Director & Project Coordinator

Architect with 15+ experiences in international projects as Project Coordinator. He will be responsible to coordinate the utilization of any resources of Parent Companies when and if needed. He will also ensure that the project is delivered on time, to the budget and to the required quality standard within the specifications.

Suha Afacan
Managing Director & Design Program Manager

Architect with 15+ experiences in international projects as Design Program Manager responsible for coordinating all design disciplines and ensure that all aspects of the Projects are designed in accordance to the Owner’s and local Authorities’ Project Requirements and are in compliance with applicable codes and regulations.

OUR RESOURCES740, with its parent companies’ support, has more than sufficient capacity to respond quickly, mobilize qualified personnel, and deliver quality results under short deadline constraints on multiple, concurrent, geographically dispersed contracts. Our resource pool has over 150 personnel, located in 10 offices, strategically located in over 4 countries throughout the world. This deep and broad construction resource pool, matched with our proven management approach, contract control, and communications systems, enable us to mobilize rapidly and to cost-effectively use our very best resources, often from offices close to the job sites