740 brings substantial capacity to deliver project execution teams; government-approved project and procurement management systems; exceptional program experience; full design-build and bid-build capabilities; and the logistics, security and life support services to ensure effective and efficient delivery of the project undertaken. Following three major capabilities demonstrate our professionalism, reliability, and values to complete projects on time within budget and with the highest quality.

1. Presence in Europe, Asia and Africa

7/40’s Integrated Program Management Organization (PMO) operates from its Corporate Head Office in Turkey; Program Support Offices (PSOs) of Parent Companies in Sudan/Africa, Kazakhstan/Asia and Czech Rep/Europe; and the Project Execution Office (PEO) to be established on the project site. Coordination between the PEO and other offices is the task of the Project Coordinator, in Ankara, Turkey. Below exhibit and discussion demonstrate our managerial and logistical advantages to reach almost two third of the world due to strategical locations of our PMO and PSOs.

2. Commitment to deliver quality key personnel who have solid experience on USG projects

Management team of 740 has been working on various major USG projects in Asia, Africa and Europe for the last twenty years. They have been on both ends of the contracts; as the contracting officer’s representatives (COR) of USG and as program managers of contractors.

3. Proven Experience with USG Agencies

740’s parent company and members of senior management team have been involved and successfully completed number of design/build and bid/build construction contracts for various USG agencies in Asia, Africa and Europe. We gained direct experience and have developed an incredible knowledge base by managing these diverse projects on remote and unstable regions.  Being extremely familiar with the applicable IBC, OBO and U.S. Army codes, standards and procedures as well as host country regulations allow us how to properly coordinate different entities affected by the project and also comprehend USG’s expectations to receive quality end products that comply with RFP documents.