7/40 is a Contracting and Construction company that has been purposely established as the subsidiary of 2 Mimar to address the design and construction needs of U.S. Government Agencies and Large Scale international firms in remote and unstable regions across the world. 

Senior management team of 7/40 has been working on various major United States Government (USG) projects in Asia, Africa and Europe for the last twenty years. They have been on both ends of the contracts; as the contracting officer’s representatives (COR) of USG and as program managers of contractors. Managing a variety of USG projects awarded either to American Prime Contractors or to Host Country Contractors helped them to monitor and analyze those two groups of contractors’ failures associated with obtaining, performing and closing-out government contracts, including issues related to proposal preparation, cost and pricing structures, contract negotiations, compliance with applicable regulatory structures, and terminations and other post-performance matters.

We realized that, USG Agencies and large scale U.S. companies suffer for qualified ‘bridging’ firms in Asia, Africa and Europe that are experienced both in Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and host country codes and standards. 7/40 was strategically established to fulfill this gap in close proximity to target locations.


▪ Bid – Build Construction Project
▪ Design – Build Construction Project
▪ Program & Project Management of Construction Project